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New Rhapsody Of Fire World Tour Dates – Part 1

Monday, 09 January 2012

Rhapsody Of Fire proudly announce part 1 of our new world tour dates. More concerts in other countries are being planned now and will be added soon.

"This is going to be the best tour ever for Rhapsody Of Fire. The band will be doing some great new things that we’ve never done before. Among those new things, we'll be playing a lot more songs compared to our previous tours, and not only more songs, but songs that our fans have requested to hear most. We're also giving fans the opportunity to spend an incredible amount of personal time with us face-to-face in order to bring us very close to our fans in a very personal and meaningful way", says Alex Staropoli.

Date Venue City Country
01.04.2012 Sala Totem Pamplona Spain
02.04.2012 Sala Cats Madrid Spain
03.04.2012 Salamandra Barcelona Spain
04.04.2012 Theatre Barbey Bordeaux France
06.04.2012 PPM Festival Mons Belgium
07.04.2012 Z7 Pratteln Switzerland
08.04.2012 Bataclan Paris France
09.04.2012 Colos-Saal Aschaffenburg Germany
11.04.2012 Live Club Milano Italy
12.04.2012 Estragon Bologna Italy
13.04.2012 Orion Roma Italy
14.04.2012 New Age Treviso Italy

We are very excited to see you in those cities and all the others we are going to announce soon. For more information about getting your special VIP tickets to not only meet the band but to spend a LOT of personal time with us, check out Meet The Band



Monday, 02 January 2012

On January 9, 2012 the band will announce the first phase of world tour dates. More dates for other countries / cities will be added after this (at this time we do not have that exact date yet of when the band will announce phase 2 of the world tour - but it is being developed now and for sure there will be more dates).

In addition, for the first time ever in the history of Rhapsody Of Fire, you (the fans) will have the extremely rare opportunity to spend significant personal time with us (the band) before or after each concert.

This is not a simple signing session where you have only a few seconds to see us and get things signed.

This is not an environment where we are separated from you behind a barricade or a big table.

What we are going to offer you is the opportunity to spend REAL PERSONAL AND SIGNIFICANT amounts of time with us freely. This may occur backstage before or after the concert, or on the main floor of the venue before the doors open (or maybe even on our tour bus). These details will be decided later (it depends on how much time we have before or after each show and what locations are best to give you the most valuable experience possible in the best ways we can).

Obviously, there simply is not enough time (or space on the bus or backstage) to spend significant time with all fans. We don't want to give fans 'only' a few seconds to meet the band, sign something and then move onto the next person. We want to do more. We want to bring you closer to us so that we can get to really know you and you can really get to know us. We can only do that if we are able to spend 'real time' with you and have 'real conversations' with you.

Fans have asked for this chance for many years and now finally it will be a reality. Rhapsody Of Fire will now offer a LIMITED number of exclusive V.I.P. tickets directly to you! We are just as excited about this as we know you probably are.

On January 9, 2012 we will release both the first phase of the tour and also specific info about how and where you can get your V.I.P. tickets. Be sure to visit http://rhapsodyoffire.com/ on January 9, 2012.



Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The band Rhapsody Of Fire has begun booking new concert dates for the upcoming world tour that will be announced later this year. The band has also just released the first photo of the new complete lineup.

Everyone in the band is extremely motivated and ready to take the stages around the world by storm. More news about the tour is coming soon.

new lineup



Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Roberto De Micheli

The band Rhapsody Of Fire proudly announces the name of the 2nd guitar player who will join them on stage: Italian guitar player Roberto De Micheli.

After weeks of considering whom among thousands of guitar players would be chosen to join the band on their upcoming world tour, Rhapsody Of Fire had finally selected the very best guitarist out of many great guitar players wanting to tour with them.

Alex Staropoli says: “With so many very good guitar players to chose from, it took time and great care to find the absolute best guitar player for us. In the end, we decided on Roberto De Micheli due to his complete mastery of the guitar, his unique abilities to amaze all those who hear and watch him play live, and his complete dedication as a musician. I have known Roberto De Micheli since the early 1990's. The decision to finally chose him over all other guitarists in the world to play with us became very obvious and natural the more we considered all our options. After so many years, he is still highly devoted to his instrument. He remains passionate and enthusiastic about rehearsing and playing music many hours every day. He is also a perfect fit for Rhapsody Of Fire because he continues the band’s tradition of being a truly professional, polite and a positive person to work with. Roberto De Micheli and Tom Hess are already working together on their guitar parts for the upcoming Rhapsody Of Fire tour, that's just very exciting! The huge anticipation of the band’s new lineup, sound and upcoming world tour has been something much greater and more exciting than we have ever experienced before from fans all over the world.”

Stay tuned for more information coming soon.


Film score metal band Rhapsody Of Fire announces new bass player.

Thursday, 01 September 2011

Oliver Holzwarth

Trieste, Italy September 1, 2011 - The band Rhapsody Of Fire is proud to announce the name of a new band member who will join forces with Fabio Lione, Alex Staropoli, Tom Hess and Alex Holzwarth. German bass player Oliver Holzwarth (brother of Rhapsody Of Fire drummer Alex Holzwarth) has joined the band as an official and permanent member of Rhapsody Of Fire, and will be involved in both live performances and studio recordings.

Oliver is an excellent bass player who has toured with Blind Guardian, Tarja Turunen and Sieges Even and has recorded several studio albums with Blind Guardian.

Alex Staropoli says: "It's a true privilege and honor to have the two Holzwarth brothers playing together in Rhapsody Of Fire. I am sure it will be fantastic to have the best rhythmic section on this planet, a unique and true force of nature, on our side. I am really looking forward to hearing them shaking the stages around the world on our upcoming world tour."


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